Nadeem Sarwar

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Nadeem Sarwar - Hussain Zindabad 1999.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar - Naro Zainab 1997.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Jahan Hussain Wahan La Ilaha Illallah.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Sakina Kahani Suno 2003.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar - Mujhe Abbas Kehtey Hain 1997.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Sajjad Sajjad 2007.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar - Haye Haye Qasim 2008.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar - Ya Ali Ya Hussain 2009 نديم سروار - يا.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Zindaabad Ya Hussain 2014.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Salam Ullah Farsi 2014.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Chalay Aao Aey Zawaro 2013 نديم سروار.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Main Sham Di Qaidan Punjabi 2014.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar Maula Mera Ve Ghar 2015.MP3

Nadeem Sarwar 2011 And Ferhan Ali Waris 2011 Zanjeer Zani.MP3

Baraye Dil E Dukhtar, Ali Jee 2013 14.MP3

Kiya Muhammad Ka Pyara Nahi Hun, Ali Shanawar.MP3

Ali Shanawar Maula Madiney Waley 2014.MP3

Karbal Tu'n Piya Likhda - Ali Waris 2013 / 2012 - 1434.MP3

Ya Rab Koi Masooma- Daniyal 2014.MP3

Labbaik Ya Zahra. - Hashim Sisters Full Version.MP3