I am the Greatest, The modern art Muhammad Ali,
I melt faces, Call me MC Dali.
Your whole body of work is a fluffy mountain of crap
Your the PBS version of Nickleback.
But I think you must be a genius because with zero training
Because you made millions teaching people how to suck at painting.
Why don't you go back home and beat your brush you chump,
I could make better art with my wiener, Lump.

Bob Ross:
I'm so glad you join me today, So I can teach you how to feel some joy when you paint,
Your a moody little genius, always so serious,
I know! You must be on your Blue Period.
Your work is melancholic, I'm painting happy little trees.
Call me Jackson Pollock, Cause I splatter MCs,
with the voice that soothes, so lets do this.
I twist you up like a Rubix's Cubist.

Don't use that word like you know what it is!
You painted thirty thousand pictures of bushes and sticks,
Does your audience know you stole your whole show?
You just ripped off your teacher, and added an Afro!
My name is Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuencedo Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisma Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso! Back, To, You, Bob.

Bob Ross:
Well Bob is dropping bombs like this is Guernica.
I served twenty years, Air Force, United states of America.
My technique will make your mistress weep, put her to sleep. Elbow drop her dreams, I go deep.
And I, Keep it mellow like some cadmium yellow, I'm a bright like titanium white kind of fellow.
Don't believe in mistakes unless you step to me.
Yo Pablo, You just got your happy little ass beat.